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Denys Arcand



115 mins



2023 Vancouver Film Critics Circle

Nominated VFCC Award

2023 Beaujolais Meetings of French-speaking Cinema

Nominated Jury Award

2023 Zurich Film Festival

"Carried by the voice of Rémy Girard, whose nuanced performance is immediately appealing, this crepuscular film benefits from Arcand's fluidly elegant direction and Claudine Sauvé's warm lighting." 

- La Presse

Denys Arcand has been making films since the 1960s and has received numerous awards, including an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film for THE BARBARIAN INVASIONS (2003) and the Cannes Jury Prize for JESUS OF MONTREAL (1989). Renowned for his mastery in crafting satirical black comedy, in TESTAMENT (2023) he boldly delves into the clash between relationship dynamics and wokeism.

In an era marked by political correctness, identity evolution, protests, cultural scandals, activism, media storms, and other conflicts, Jean-Michel (Arcand regular Rémy Girard), a 70-year-old single man, is adrift in society. Residing in a retirement home in a cherished heritage building meticulously managed by Suzanne (Sophie Lorain), their tranquillity is disrupted by the arrival of impassioned young activists demanding the destruction of a historical fresco. Amidst the overwhelming wave of political correctness, Jean-Michel discovers a renewed faith in humanity through an unexpected romance blossoming before him.


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