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Nicholaus Goossen



91 mins





It’s small, funny, and lands smack in the middle of a favorite genre: Off-center charmer turns world upside down. You know, Bringing Up Baby, What’s Up Doc?

Clueless, that sort of thing. Esther Povitsky is the charmer, Nick Goossen the director, and both of them wrote it.

— Michael Cieply | DEADLINE

Co-written, produced and starring comedian Esther Povitsky (DOLLFACE, 2019-2022), with a side-splitting support cast, including Beverly D’Angelo, James Remar, Haley Joel Osment, Bobby Lee and executive producers Bill Burr and Al Madrigal, in this satirical comedy, promising to leave audiences grinning (and groaning) from ear to ear!

When the local pharmacy gets robbed, a self-proclaimed spunky girl (aka young woman) still living with her folks, decides it's time to play detective! Join her wild ride as she cracks the case, gets over her ex, and levels up her adulthood game—all in one thrilling adventure!


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