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Exploring Unexpected Guest Distillery: 5 Key Questions Answered

The 2024 Inner West Film Fest is thrilled to announce Unexpected Guest Distillery, an award-winning gin master, as one of its major supporting partners this year. This exciting collaboration will blend art with Unexpected Guest Distillery's artisanal gin, bringing forth a range of exciting events, exhibitions, workshops, and tastings. This partnership promises to infuse a unique flavour into the nightlife of Inner West Sydney.

Just to name a few awards, Unexpected Guest Distillery has received the Australian Gin Awards 2021 Gold for their Clementine's American Gin and the 2021 Silver Classic Dry for their Bobby's London Dry Gin.

"Bobby’s London Dry, competing in the Classic Dry Gin category, is a different styled gin with a “great palate and finish.” —— Australian Gin Association Judges

"Clementine's American Gin, competing in the Contemporary Gin category, has “sweet earthy tones” with a “sharp” aftertaste."—— Australian Gin Association Judges

The festival sat down with Carl McEvoy from Unexpected Guest Distillery for a quick snapshot, asking five questions that highlight what makes them so special.

  • Best Film Ever?

“Too hard! Will have to do a top four and you can decide: Rope, Harakiri (Seppuku), Her, Gattaca. Best film watched recently is All of Us Strangers.”

  • What Film/s or Event/s will you be attending at the Inner West Film Fest?


“Excited to watch I Used to be Funny as a big Rachel Sennott fan, loved her in Bottoms and Shiva Baby. Drugstore June looks like a fun comedy. And always excited to watch some retro movies up on the big screen. Events-wise, we’re very keen for the exhibition being held at our own venue Unexpected Guest Distillery, as well as enjoying the Opening Night at the golf club which always has a great buzz around it.”


  • Favourite things to do in the inner west.


“Eat and drink! Always the two great things that come to mind, you can hop around the area on a night out and do something new every single time. Along with all the live music and pop-up studios, it’s a great exploration of art, culture and diversity. I’m also a big fan of the Sunday morning Marrickville Markets which have some awesome fresh produce and a great hangover cure Reuben sandwich.”


  • Why you chose to get involved with Inner West Film Fest


“Promoting art and culture is one of the most important things that any small business can do, especially in an area that so proudly is very accepting of its diversity when it comes to ethnicity, sexuality and more. If you’re not promoting and observing unique voices in art, you’re doing a disservice to yourself. It’s very important to my own personal values and to the values of Unexpected Guest that we promote art where and when we can.”


  • What you love about the inner west and what would you like to see more of


“I love the inclusiveness of the area, it’s welcoming and exciting and electric, I’d love to see more things like the Inner West Film Fest, more festivals, night markets, street fairs, theatre, cinema anything and everything that amplifies group expression and experiences.”

Unexpected Guest Distillery offers both an online gin store for gin enthusiasts to enjoy at home and a unique gin catering experience featuring their sunset orange 1972 Kombi and two copper stills.

Swing on by...

12 Cadogan StMarrickville NSW2204

Thursday - Friday 3pm - 8pm

Saturday 12pm - 8pm

Sunday 12pm - 6pm

For more on Unexpected Guest, head to


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