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5 Questions Answered with Professor Claire Annesley, Dean of UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture

This year's Inner West Film Fest is proud to have Education Partner UNSW. We had the pleasure of chatting with Professor Claire Annesley, the Dean of UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture, about what it means to her to support the festival and bring vibrant diversity to the Inner West.


What Film/s or Event/s you will be attending at the Inner West Film Fest?

I'm looking forward to catching the entries in this year's Short Film program, particularly those featuring our ADA alum. It's always inspiring to see such talent on the big screen. 

What are your favourite thing(s) to do in the Inner West?

The Inner West is such a dynamic cultural hub—so many different experiences. I particularly love sampling the food and exploring local art galleries.

Why did you choose to get involved and support the arts and culture scene of the Inner West?

It’s such an honour to be able to celebrate and nurture local artists and creatives. Supporting the arts and culture scene of the Inner West aligns perfectly with our Faculty vision of fostering creativity, collaboration, and inclusion.

What does the community mean for UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture

The Inner West is such a diverse and engaged community; individuals bringing their unique talents, experiences, and perspectives to the table. Our connection with the community is very much a partnership where we come together to share diverse knowledge and learn valuable insights that can inspire research, teaching, and creative endeavours.

What do you love about the inner west and what would you like to see more of?

What I love most about the Inner West is its creativity and diversity. A thriving arts sector is vital for a vibrant and inclusive society. And there’s a constant buzz of energy and inspiration in the Inner West.  I’d love to see even more initiatives that celebrate and support local artists and creatives, ensuring that the Inner West remains a centre for innovation and inclusivity for years to come.

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