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Directed by Alexei Fedorchenko

2023 | 126 min | Russia | UNCL 15+


2024 White Elephant

Winner: Best Production Designer

A filmmaker travels to Colombia with his 18-year-old daughter to solve the mystery of the disappearance of his sister Bertha, among five hundred virgins who went missing aboard the ship "Gloria", which departed from Colombia in 1956. Through archives, interrogating descendants of witnesses, and a scrap of enigmatic found footage from 1965, supposedly found in a raccoon nursery, the filmmaker and his daughter get deeper and deeper as they get closer to the truth, including an alleged city secretly built by surviving Nazis under eternal ice.

What’s real and what’s not – see this unique film to find out!

Visionary director Aleksei Fedorchenko returns to his favourite form, the pseudo-documentary investigation, first explored with Venice award winning First on the Moon (2004).

“Alexey Fedorchenko is the most productive director of our time. He doesn’t know what downtime is; he works on several projects in parallel, while also managing to produce films for his colleagues. Fedorchenko combined two self-sufficient films in “New Berlin” – “The Secret of the Five Hundred Missing Virgins” and “Raccoon City”. This hybrid was a continuation of his pseudo-documentary searches begun in “First on the Moon” and “The Big Snakes of Ulli-Kale.” —– TIME NEWS


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