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Directed by Stephen Dupont

2023 | 60 min | Australia | UNCL M


2023 Byron Bay International Film Festival

Best Documentary


2024 FIFO : International Oceanian Documentary Film Festival

FIFO-FRANCE Télévisions Grand Jury Prize

2023 One World International Human Rights Documentary Festival

2024 International Oceanic Documentary Film Festival 

An eye-opening look into one of Papua New Guinea’s most infamous and violence-wracked regions, director Stephen DuPont’s searing, unforgettable documentary KAUGERE: A PLACE WHERE NOBODY ENTERS is a modern-day parable of once tribal men finding their feet through the game of rugby league.

Inspiring coach Albert Muri is no stranger to crime after the region’s vicious gangs tore his family apart. Police gunned down his eldest son, while his second son languishes in prison. Albert’s last great hope is his youngest son, Dia, who helps him train a local footy team.

Despite its backdrop of poverty and mayhem, Kaugere rises on the shoulders of true hero Albert Muri, and its uncluttered, authentic, uncompromising depiction of a troubled nation that might just be able to one day heal itself through the unlikely salve of the bruising game of rugby league.

“One of the most graphic and illuminating films in recent memory.” –– Director Bob Connolly


  • Apr 16, 2024, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
    Palace Norton St, 99 Norton St, Leichhardt NSW 2040, Australia
    Directed by Stephen Dupont 2022 | 60 min + Q&A | Australia | UNCL M Screening with short films CACTUS​ Directed by Milena Bennett | 2023 | 18 | Australia | UNCL 15+ & TO BE SILENT Directed by Tace Stevens | 2022 | 9 | Australia | UNCL 15+


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