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Directed by Daniel Nettheim

2000 | 86 min | Australia | MA 15+

Screening on 35mm


2000 Inside Film Awards

Best Music

2000 Inside Film Awards

Nominated for Best Sound Design

Back in 2000, the world was different… there were these things called video stores; there were no Emos, but there were plenty of Goths; you actually had to go to a shop to buy sex paraphernalia; and the film-literate influence of new icons Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino was everywhere. Amidst this heady swirl of things now sadly lost to time came the 2000 Australian youth comedy-drama ANGST, the pithily, authentically funny brainchild of talented debut screenwriter Anthony O’Connor, and the first work of director Daniel Nettheim, who would later make his mark with top-tier TV series like THE TWELVE, THE TOURIST and THE MESSENGER.

Set in the pre-glitz-up, then-seedy borough of Sydney’s Kings Cross, ANGST is the hilariously ribald tale of Dean (Sam Lewis), a cynical, unlucky-in-love video store counter-jockey who falls hard for Abi Tucker’s Goth chick May, while navigating a decidedly slacker lifestyle with his two flatmates, wannabe comedian Ian (Justin Smith) and pothead Jade (Jessica Napier).

A terrifically entertaining movie time capsule, ANGST will enjoy its first cinema screening at the Inner West Film Fest since its release over twenty years ago.  

“Daniel Nettheim’s first feature is a sympathetic, engaging comedy reminiscent of a French relationship pic. An excellent ensemble cast of attractive actors portrays a bunch of wounded characters trying to sort out their lives in a confusing world.” –– David Stratton | VARIETY


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